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Kingdom Arts

Now that Kingdom Hearts is on PC, it… well, it was on EGS. Now that it's on more PCs via Steam, it's time to figure out which Kingdom Hearts is right for you. I've digested enough lore videos to know that the Dunkey video doesn't have as many jokes in it as you would think it does, but I'm not super up on what the most savoury route through these things actually is.

I Heart Kingdom Hearts!

The entire Kingdom Hearts collection is now available on Steam and I spent the weekend replaying some of my favorites. The games are divided into three different packages that collect games from various platforms. You can also buy the "Integrum Masterpiece" which includes all three packs with all the games. I’m lucky that all my favorite entries in the series are in the first pack called KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX-. 


Star Trek Wars

Apparently shit got pretty heated over at Chez Gabril night before last, as the youngest is now coming into his own - ready to contend with his elder brother in a truly ancient form of combat. I understand that really getting down into the Mortis Gods can have a certain intensity, but I would much rather discuss Tatooine or some shit than the crap I got going on over here. I'll tell you that much. Holy shit, man. I'd love to cross those fuckin' streams. I'd be overjoyed to discuss how, since Star Wars is in the ancient past of this universe, and Star Trek the near future, we have to consider if and how not just The Fast but also, like, The Furious fits into all this.

That's Not Me On Twitter

By Gabe – June 13, 2024

I left Twitter months ago and it has been awesome, I highly recommend it. Now I just post here on Penny Arcade which honestly has a couple million more viewers than my Twitter account ever had. Somehow I still have to deal with Twitter bullshit though. If you still toil in that wretched place you should know someone has picked up and started using my old account name. I’m not going to link it here and we have removed mentions of it from the site but I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that’s not me. I’m done with social media, if you want to know what I’m up to, just read this site.

-Gabe out 


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