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Rainy Day Recess

Presumably as the result of a powerful spell, the sky overhead Seattle has been set to Deluge for a week or so. I was in the studio yesterday and it was literally a roar inside the building. You walk to your car, a couple hundred feet, and it's like you stepped out of a swimming pool.

Twin Snakes

It sounds like he had a rough time of it, but now he's home playing Phantom Liberty and I think he's vomited the last of the leathery serpent eggs, he says "come up easy." My play would have been to avoid the entire causal chain. I guess if you do have to throw up a snake egg, its young charge squirming with new life, it's nice to hear the process is user friendly.

Christmas In Septmeber!

By Gabe – September 26, 2023

I celebrated another birthday yesterday that secured my 46th year on this earth. I spent the day playing games! Here’s a quick breakdown of what I’m currently putting my gaming hours into:



Le Petit Mortgage

Over the course of the writing process, which wasn't particularly long to begin with, he got about six different calls to see if he was interested in a mortgage. He was not! But when I saw what he was doing to make this scenario tolerable, this Plethora Of Suitors, it sorta seemed like that was probably the strip.

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