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Strips about Grub's birthday are probably the most robust subcategory of Penny Arcade content, just edging out the occasional ostrich or giraffe. There are lots and lots. And now we have offered up another one, which Gabriel has embroidered with something akin to birthday lore - we can see the traditional Czech garb for Gabrílstrana, the customary trout holstered and at the ready. Happy Birthday, man. As a present, you can paint any really big, setpiece miniature of mine that you want up to the "Parade ready" standard. It's my treat! Oh, and thanks for my whole career and stuff. I genuinely appreciate it.


Maybe such things "hit different" when you are also a maker of things. Most of our stuff is delivered hot and fresh, as though from the back of a truck, so the idea that we could have worked on something for years and years and not have released it doesn't map fully onto the GTA leaks. I wouldn't even work on something with that long a lead time; it's completely outside my nature. I hate the things I make almost immediately after I've finished them! Frankly, I think the sentence before this one could use some fuckin' work. I would begin hating whatever I was working on a week or so in and then I'd have to work on it for four more years.

The Hour Is Late

This incarnation of G4 is the brainchild of some princely Comcast scion, whose Overwatch team was probably supposed to benefit from it in some way - even though the link from the Comcast Spectacor site to their own team is busted. I'm heartbroken for anybody who loses their job to this thing, especially right now. Even companies with virtually unlimited money are cutting staff, which makes me think things must be worse than I already thought they were. Just as a reference: I thought they were pretty fuckin' bad. But there's structural aspects to how modern media functions that make a play like this quite difficult.

Farm Minimization

I tried to play one of these games a long time ago - these farming games - I think it was one of the old Harvest Moons. One of my chickens got sick, more or less during the introduction to the game. They were probably trying to teach me about how medicine worked or something. The chicken fucking died. I was wounded deeper than I could have imagined by the death of this imaginary chicken, and I never played it again.

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