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By Tycho – June 27, 2022

The title dates me substantially; there was a kind of bubble bath that was marketed as a woman's portal to a realm of luxurious pleasure. I need a type of cleansing bubble that operates exclusively on the mind.

Tomorrow at 3pm PST: Sponsored Car Wars Streem!

Oh boy, oh boy!  Eric keeps bringing cool people into the studio.  Join Kiko and I as we learn the new version of Car Wars tomorrow afternoon.  Here's the thingy with all the stuff:



I knew Kara before I knew Mike; we knew each other from Choir. I always gravitated naturally toward Altos; they're natural allies. She grew up what I would describe as "very" Mormon, in the same way I grew up "very" Evangelical, but for whatever reason (perhaps the deleterious effects of an older brother) they didn't have exactly the same edicts about secular music. She was denied caffeinated soda, and I was denied Journey. Music is still something we talk about, decades later.

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