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May Sticker Pack Update!

Twisp and Catsby sticker sheet

I apologize for the delay, but the May Sticker pack for Club PA members will hit the store on May 23rd. Things have just been crazy at the PA offices with multiple weddings and a new software rollout. The good news is that in addition to the Club PA sticker pack, some new professionally printed designs will also hit the sticker shop on the 23rd that anyone will be able to grab. These will be my Acquisitions Inc full sheet and my Est.1998 PA design. So check out Gabe’s Sticker shop next Thursday for all the new goodies!

-Gabe out




We had roused a novel demographic with a recent strip - namely, Mormons who also worship Elon Musk. I hadn't been previously aware of this tendency. Spokane, or at least the places I've lived in Spokane, were full of unfailingly nice Mormons who were having the same trouble navigating religion and adolescence I was, except they seemed to be doing better at it. It's possible that I learned too late that the much-referenced "bite" in Barq's - Barq's Rooted Beers - was caffeine. I was already vibrating at a dangerous frequency, just being fifteen. It probably wasn't helping.

The Truest Of Stories

As part of Gabriel's mission to Play The Classics, he has been traveling through racing games of Earth's ancient past. That's part of how he came to follow and then support the cries of those who had their lawful purchases annihilated. Or, maybe not annihilated, but simply placed upon a very high shelf - so high that you can jump and jump and yet not secure it.

Acquisitions Intoxicated! Black Remnant!

By Tycho – May 14, 2024

Our streams are back up today - traffic gave us a late start, plus Twitter isn't letting me post links anymore...? But I do have a website, and I will post it here.  

12-1:30 Acquisitions Intoxicated is a brewing show on Twitch! Maybe the only one? But we take dorky concepts like D&D Classes or sci-fi artifacts and make beers out of them. Come hang out!

Then, at 2:30, join us for the return of our Battletech campaign - Black Remnant. We're just about to put one of our characters on a shonen journey of self-discovery!!


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