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Tycho / 2 days ago

I had mentioned on the Twitch thing that I like hobbies that have a lot of custom language, that is to say Jargon; most hobbies are like this, but some are more dense than others. Someone bellowing from the depths of Twitor, The Truncated Realm, suggested that my hobby is actually learning new words, and the particular genuflections of these hobbies are essentially just the rind. I can't imagine why I would argue with that. Gaming has tons and tons of words. It used to have even more,…

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Tycho / 5 days ago

Like any subterranean cloister, our people have tooled a lot of custom language to depict our mysteries. Jargon serves many purposes, as a shibboleth it excels, but it's also a form of linguistic compression that saves an incredible amount of time. Most people can't perceive what we're talking about at all. The best we can hope for often is a kind of bemused curiosity; many people respond to new information, especially densely coded information, as something between an insult and a chop…

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Tycho / 6 days ago

Warren Spector is Kicking Off PAX Dev

He gave one of my favorite PAX West kickoffs, though it might technically have been a PAX Prime kickoff back then. It was about how art forms either go mainstream are or annihilated, and it was a timely medicine. When I say Warren Spector, of course, I mean this Warren Spector. I've never had an interaction with him where I didn't feel smarter for it afterward, so we're glad to have him leading things off at PAX Dev. He talks a little bit about his... well, talk, I guess, right…

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Tycho / 1 week ago

I love this fucker so much. Good God. What a butthole. I had a super good time with the inaugural episode of Acquisitions Intoxicated, a new brewing stream we're doing out of the studio in back. Beer is something like a life practice; like coffee, eventually it started to seem irresponsible for me not to understand it better. It has what I want from a hobby, which is to say that - like Table Tennis, let's say - it will meet me at whatever level I want to engage with it. It's a part of…

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