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Gabe / 7 hours ago

Thornwatch at PAX South

Everybody on the Thornwatch team has been hammering away on the game and we have lots of new stuff to show/test at PAX South this week. I am in full on art production mode now. There's so much art that needs to be made for this game that I'm bringing in some very talented folks to help me out. Strip Search fans might remember Nick Trujillo from the show. He's on the Thornwatch team now and he's working on all the map tiles that need to be painted for the game. Each of these tiles is a little…

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Tycho / 1 day ago

I had to change the title on this one, too; Ben Stone of The Twitterlands suggested Mad PAX and I gotta go that way. That's what's happening. I understand that one of those Rascal things has been secured for Mike's use, though I'm not certain if it's a Pride Victory model or the Progress Executive. The main thing is that, prior to the show, I've assessed a solution that will allow virtually unfettered passage for the vehicle throughout the show: technically, I think it's even cosplay. …

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Gabe / 4 days ago

PAX South Pin Post!

Pax South is just less than a week away now and already people are calling it the Pax South of the year. I will be in attendance although you might see me zipping around on a scooter sometimes. I'm feeling much better now but my doctor doesn't want me to push it and the scooter has already been rented. Let's talk pins! PARTNER PINS Clank and Bandit Queen [Dire Wolf Digital] Available for $15 each at the Dire Wolf Digital Booth #10641. Will also be given away to players who win demo games…

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Tycho / 4 days ago

Now that it seems like Gorobriel's stuff is staying in, and he can laugh without terror, he's back to his old haunts. He loves Symmetra's playstyle, and he loves her comic, which I love also. The moral dimension of Overwatch is deliciously robust, even before you broach the subject of erotic Tumblr comminglings. Symmetra is not his attack choice. Although, I just had a conversation with somebody yesterday about the effectiveness of Attack Symmetra after the rebuild, so who knows. He…

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