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So, it's probably worth clarifying some things. When we say that we don't understand why Unity is doing the things they're doing, it's not that we don't literally understand. We aren't confused about the reason: it's money and control. That's not the confusing part. Here's where the confusion actually roosts: in seeking those things, they've undertaken a course of action that stands to lose them quite a lot of both, and the outcome is completely obvious. This is the kind of genius maneuvre you and I simply can't comprehend.


I think most people are familiar with what has been referred to broadly as "that fucking Unity shit," but just in case, Unity - a ubiquitous development platform among independent creators - announced that they'll be charging a twenty-cent fee in the most likely scenario for that cadre of developers. Dark rituals were begun at this time. Viral tweets and personal stories began to braid in lashing, whip-like beams. Then they answered some frequently asked questions and I don't know about anybody else but they managed to make it worse…?

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