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Josh Swears @ Elden Ring

Observer Effect

I think Valorant is pretty cool, but mostly to watch. In practice, it's like a Counter-Strike I'm even worse at. I'm never confused about why I died, but I'm not sure there is a training montage with enough buttressing power to get me legitimate on this one. I made my peace with it.


By Tycho – June 27, 2022

The title dates me substantially; there was a kind of bubble bath that was marketed as a woman's portal to a realm of luxurious pleasure. I need a type of cleansing bubble that operates exclusively on the mind.

Tomorrow at 3pm PST: Sponsored Car Wars Streem!

Oh boy, oh boy!  Eric keeps bringing cool people into the studio.  Join Kiko and I as we learn the new version of Car Wars tomorrow afternoon.  Here's the thingy with all the stuff:


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