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Josh Swears @ Griftlands

Bayard's Revenge!

Bayard Mini

The Warhammer Community Team sent me the amazing new Black Templar mini, Bayard’s Revenge! I got it a couple weeks ago and spent more time painting it than any other mini I’ve worked on. I’m not a pro or anything but I’m still very proud of how this model came out!



Blank Space

I'm not currently in a position to know what's going on with Overwatch 2. I heard that people are mad; unfortunately there are a few different things they might be mad at. Plus, everyone is mad all the time. I even read that some people were confused about how much the game would cost, when it's… I mean, it's free. It's a freemium thing. It was already being monetized like a freemium game, a fact you can verify with any friend who tried to collect all of an event's skins, and now they've simply closed the loop.

Central Command

Star Wars, like Marvel, is well out of the free pass zone and well into the wait and see zone. I've been instructed well by the D+ cadence, which is to say that you really, really have to wait for the episode after the ones they release initially. You have to see the middle of these shows to know. After four of these, I think we can call it: Andor is completely unlike their other efforts. Someone appears to have thought the entire thing through.

Le Strip d'Escalier

I remember back when Gabriel's most tender realms tried to manifest themselves here, in The World. I didn't see him for a while. I do often think about the first part there, where his shit was trying to get out, but he didn't know what was happening. That seems quite unpleasant. And this was immediately after having the flu, then having food poisoning. My own form, lumpen and greased with sebum though it may be, doesn't do that. It punched in like forty years ago and just does its business. My suspicion is that all the bills - for my wickedness, for my sloth, and for an pronounced "Wastrel Era" - will all just come due at once.

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