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Gabe / on Wed, Mar 6 2002 at 2:21 pm

Two parts zombie, One part shot gun.

Let me tell you how easy it is to make a great videogame. First you need a bunch of zombies. Then you need a ton of great weapons like shotguns and cross bows. Then add a pinch of four player cooperative play. That my friends is a fucking recipe for success. Gamespy has delivered a very complete preview of Hunter: The Reckoning. Now I know what you’re thinking. “But Gabe, that is an Xbox title! I heard it gives you a terrible itchy rash all over your body if you just look at it!”  That may very well be true but this is the game I want to play. Sega won’t step up to the plate and deliver a Zombie Revenge 2 so I have to get my un-dead fix someplace else. Between Star Wars and Zombies it looks like the Xbox has me by the balls.

I just finished reading the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly. It’s funny I never actually subscribed to this magazine but I have been getting it for years now. They even found me when I moved across the state. I continue to pay nothing for it. Every time it shows up in my mail box it’s like a little present from baby Jesus. Anyway this latest issue had a pretty great two page preview of Virtua Fighter 4. Now I had been excited about this game before but now I am downright giddy with anticipation. They go so far as to compare it to Soul Calibur as far as fun is concerned. You can’t give much higher praise than that. March 19th seems so goddamned far away though.

I have gotten a lot of positive feedback concerning the new backgrounds I’ve been drawing in the strips. Some people have asked for un-obstructed views of these new locations. So here you go, enjoy:

Gabe’s bedroom

The kitchen

The living room

Another shot of the living room.

Last week I requested Nintendo produce a version of Mean Bean Machine for the GBA. I guess they were reading my News post because they did it and it’s called Puyo Pop. Now some people told me this game has been out since the launch of the system, way before my news post. The only explanation I can see is that Nintendo posses some kind of advanced time travel technology. Thanks to everyone who wrote in giving me a heads up on this one.

I would also like to thank those of you who offered your assistance in diagnosing my sick arcade machine. It looks as though I have a bad monitor that will need replacing. I also appreciate you telling me not to fuck around back there since it holds enough of a charge to knock my skinny ass across the room. So now I just need to find a new monitor and someone willing to come install it for me…Hmmm where will I ever find that.

Before I go be sure and check out these bad ass videos of Guilty Gear X on the GBA.

-Gabe out.

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