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anon / on Fri, Mar 8 2002 at 1:49 pm

Obviously MORE hate mail is needed

No one said anything to me about this DC-athon when they know good and well that I have a DC!  I love my DC!  I still buy controllers and memory cards whenever I see them on clearance at big stores!  I have a big stack of them sitting in the corner like it’s almost Christmas(or whatever that Jewish holiday is right around Christmas)!  SO, it’s up to you now… flame like you’ve never flamed before!  Defend me, because I’m tired of being ignored!  There’s got to be something I did that made you laugh at one point.  Hey, remember the hilarious video I posted on my page of a frat boy being beaten up by a cop?  You loved that!  Everyone loved that!  And by loving that you love me!  Help put a stop to the mistreatment of me.

Gabe and I are currently playing Herdy Gerdy, and despite horrific load times we’re both really digging it so far.  Now Gabe is fairly easy to please… give him what you call “a good game” or a “Neo Geo game” and he’s usually pretty content.  Now me on the other hand, I likes my games full of hilarious death animations, death sounds and the ability to do wrong by the “innocent” and “undeserving” so long as that game isn’t State of Emergency.  But now here we have a game as harmless and sexually suggestive as a Disney movie, and yet I’m still playing it.  This doesn’t happen very often, folks.  Never mind that that I keep trying to do horrible things in this game, such as impale bunnies with my magic herding stick or whatever.  Also, I wouldn’t complain if at some point I receive a magical cattle prod to help me with my herding duties, but even if that doesn’t happen and the game continues to be full of adorableness and quirky, addictive gameplay I’ll be happy.

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