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Tycho / on Wed, Mar 13 2002 at 11:04 am

GBA = Controller

Gabe (and )told me about this Flippin’ Kirby thing, where Kirby falls down from your TV, into your GameBoy Advance, and you play him in there.  That seems to cry out “using it as a controller” to me, so maybe this was an Xbox rep wearing a Mario pin or something.  Need more info?  The hand_of_g0d writes:

“That’s just not true. It acts as a secondary display for Animal Forest +. Here’s what happens, you plug in your GBA during gameplay and this little frog guy appears at the docks with a boat. He ferries you over to this island and the island then shows up on your GBA. You can now interact with the islands resident by feeding him fruit from the trees and moving things around. If you ‘upload’ the island back to the GC everything appears the way you changed it, so lets say you move some rocks around to spell out a bad word, when you get there on the GC it’s still spelled out for you. Also, with the GBA you can create wallpaper, clothing, and flag textures that will appear in your game.
That’s all fact because it’s already out.
I heard rumors that it would be used to provide a map for you during games ***LIKE*** resident evil so that you don’t have to toggle back and forth. That sounds like a screen to me. And let’s just assume that with an RPG you could take your party (or maybe just a character) with you, and put him through a virtual trainer to lvl up his exp.”

Curiouser and curiouser.  Our Finnish connection Lauri Kieksi chimed in with the following:

Just wanted to let you know that the reader comments you quoted in your
latest news post on PA (written by Belabor, whoever that is) was quite a
bit off. What Nintendo has been preaching to retailers is that the Game
Boy Advance cannot be used as a GameCube controller in *existing* games.
You can’t, say, pull out a GC controller amidst a Rogue Leader session
and plug in a GBA, and keep playing.


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