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Tycho / on Fri, Mar 15 2002 at 3:05 am

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As a loose coalition of geeks, today’s strip will make sense to most of the site’s readership.  It doesn’t matter what we’ve heard about it, if anything.  It doesn’t matter if we’ve seen it or not, or what we’ll think of it once we do.  We see movies based on games so that somewhere, in the onyx tower where the cowled Accountant Lords ply their trade, in some small column and in some small way, a movie based on a gaming license registers a blip on Hollywood’s sensitive equipment.  I’m investing in the great movie that will be made when the people who create pop culture in this country decide we’ve been good enough - for long enough - to have it.  The one true gaming movie.  I think of it as a sort of Messiah Payment Plan.   

Also, obviously, we want to find out once and for all whether or not it’s Chris’ blood.  Just to deflect the invariable queriable:  Why didn’t we mention the Mortal Kombat movie in the strip?  Get this: Gabe loves it.  I’m just going to leave that alone. 

There’s so much junk I need to get out in this space today.  I hope you aren’t allergic to lists.

  • On the subject of Bnetd, you might recall that the anonymous and irritable Lawyer of Doom put a good deal more than his two cents in.  The recent announcement that the EFF would be taking up the case drove the already volatile LoD into a feral rage, inspiring him to respond with this.  I only hope this tortured creature can find some ketamine - and soon.

  • Gamespot posted additional clarifications on the Square/Nintendo deal - which meant that almost immediately, reverse gloating about how “no games were slated for the Cube” began to accumulate at an alarming rate.  I ran the story by my man Rick over at Planet GameCube, and he dished up the following.  It’s an interesting story, filled with joy, sadness, etc.

  • Short of Pond, the finest band ever many be The White Stripes.  I thought this even before I saw their newest video (qt, ra), and now, post seeing, I have no doubt that they are the avatars of rock and roll.

  • Tension began to well up as I began to truly understand what the next three weeks represent, in a purely retail context.  GunvalkyrieFreedom ForceVF4MorrowindJedi Knight IIHeroes of Might and Magic 4Dungeon SiegeSoccer Slam.  There are other games I wouldn’t mind owning, but at one time or another I considered every one of these a must play.  I’m essentially screwed until I can cull this daunting catalog.

  • Contamination, by Pedro Amaro, is great.  It’s a great game.  He’d like you to beat on it, and tell him what you think.

  • Greg Kasavin = Hot.

  • Gabe will be by later, with final info on the PSO weekend - what server, what block, and so forth.  Hope to see you then, exclamation point.

    (CW)TB out.

    they’re trying to build a prison

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