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Gabe / on Mon, Apr 1 2002 at 12:52 pm

...And I’m all out of gum.

Holy hot damn there has been a lot of exciting news recently. I hardly know where to start.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is being beta tested right this minute in southern California. The Madman as usual has the full scoop at his web site along with a couple images. I can remember having a conversation with Tycho about MvC3 a few months ago. We were talking about what new characters we would like to see added on both sides. One of the ones we both agreed on was Dante from Devil May Cry and I’ll be damned if he isn’t in there. The only logical explanation is that Capcom has placed listening devises throughout my apartment. I plan on spending the rest of the day shouting into the light fixtures that I think there should be a new Mega Man game for the Gamecube.  To get you into the mood for MvC3 why not take a peak at the amazing new MvC2 combo video available at

In other 2D news SNK vs. Capcom has been officialy announced for the Neo Geo MVS system. This rumor has floated around the Neo scene for well over a year now. I honestly never gave it to much credit but now that I see it’s true I couldn’t be happier. With at least three new games coming out for the Neo in the near future it would seem the thirteen year old system is experiencing something of a revival. Playmore, who secured the rights to many of the popular SNK properties, is apparently determined to keep the system alive. This means that games like Samurai Showdown 5 and Mark of the Wolves 2 might be real possibilities now. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. 

Gamespot has some videos available showing off some of Sega’s new offerings for the Gamecube. They aren’t very good quality but they are still worth checking out. Of especial interest is the PSO video. Not only do we get a glimpse at one of the new levels but we also get to see what looks like a brand new menu system. Very interesting‚Ķif you are a complete dork like me that is.

The Club Penny Arcade page has been updated for April. We are kicking off this month with part two of our special behind the scenes look at the making of PA. If that sounds like something you might be interested in why not join?

A few people have sent me e-mails telling me how surprised they were by Penny Arcade Year one. I guess many of them assumed it was simply a collection of our first year of cartoons. While it does indeed contain each and every comic from that period it also has commentary by Tycho and I for each one. We went back strip by strip and talked about the things that were going on in the industry at the time, what the hell we were thinking, or just insulted each other. Since the news archive doesn’t go back that far our commentary should shed some light on what a lot of those first year comics were about. So if you haven’t already be sure and pick one up.

Arush entertainment has been kind enough to support Penny Arcade this month by advertising with us. Please be sure and check out their latest game Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. Any fan of blowing shit up should really enjoy it.

-Gabe out

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