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Gabe / on Mon, Apr 8 2002 at 11:22 am

I am the rocket man

I know that some of the people we refer to in today’s comic actually read Penny Arcade from time to time. **Cough**ClanTDO**Cough** I think it is important that they understand exactly what their constant bitching gets them. You see, I don’t even really like the rocket launcher, except for maybe on the Hunt. I am an SMG man for the most part. However when I see the other team start to complain about Kara using it or Tycho I immediately pull out the big dog. I’ll use it on every goddamned map if that’s the way they wanna be.  Then, inevitably they get the brilliant idea to take rocket launchers themselves. One especially brain dead group of Axis actually said that they were going to “fight fag with fag.” Of course that strategy never works. They almost always end up killing themselves before they ever get a shot at one of us. The thing that bothers me is this kind of shit happens EVERY NIGHT.  We hear the same shit over and over again. “The RL is a no skill Weapon.” “They use the shotgun because they are pussies!” “Try using a real weapon!” I think our mod will solve some of the problem but it seems to me like what is needed here some kind of giant mechanical killing machine that can seek out these retards and devour them.

I hope you all got a chance to check out the press release for the mod spoken of in today’s comic strip. We actually sent that out to most of the major news sites. I mean all they do is cut and paste PR shit anyway. I’ll never understand how someone who just links to other people’s news articles can be considered a journalist. I mean you don’t open up the Seattle Times and see an article about a great story in USA Today followed by a section of funny links. They are all probably out riding snowmobiles with Brad Pitt anyway.

It never ceases to amaze me when Tycho decides to give away more shit. Whenever he gets two of something he just assumes he has an extra one. It never occurs to him that people might be sending one for him and, oh I don’t know maybe ONE FOR ME!

Through one of those crazy six degrees of separation deals I was able to get some original artwork from Brian Basset of Adam@Home and Red and Rover fame. It turns out a friend of mine who works with junior high kids knows Mr. Basset’s son. Evidently young Trevor Basset is quite the Penny Arcade fan. Trevor was cool enough to talk his dad into sending me a couple drawings. You can see them here and here. So I’d like to say thank you to Trevor and his dad for the hook up. As anyone who was around me when I got them will testify, they really made my day.

I heard a rumor that members of Club Penny Arcade receive fantastical powers, inhuman strength and immortality. Or they might just get a special behind the scenes look at the making of PA.

Oh, and here is a TMNT drawing for you. Sorry it’s not all of them.

-Gabe out

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