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Tycho / on Mon, Apr 22 2002 at 5:24 am

A Selection Of Tender Links

For the discriminating hypertext enthusiast.

  • The Brick Testament:  I originally called this site “reverent,” which is actually true by and large for the content.  Some of them are maybe not so reverent, and from now on, I will look at every image hosted on a site before I come to a comclusion.

  • True Combat:  There are those whose craving for realism does not end with reality, seeking it out in detailed simulations, about which they are very picky.  If that sounds like you, I think these guys have your number.

  • Rainbow Six: Raven Shield:  I never got into the R6 series, not because I was explicitly con, I was just never pro.  Maybe I just wasn’t ready for it.  It’s a shame, because apparently the series has some of the best co-op around.  Anyhow, I’m really intrigued by what I’ve read so far - incremental opening of doors and windows, snipers as remote “intelligence” agents, etc.  Hot damn.

  • Free LOTR CCG Decks:  With all the CCG talk around here lately, it’s almost like Jim never moved out.  Regardless, I was directed to these deck files which might be of some enjoyment to you.

  • Game Warlords:  Might be up your alley.  These cats have a few Premier (i.e., “you have to buy them”) games in the works, but in the short term they’ve got a couple freeware jobbies that might energize your hull plating.

  • Bruce Campbell Interview:  The well-mannered young men from Lethal Death directed me toward their chat with Mr. Campbell.  Gabe and I saw Bruce at E3 two years ago, actually.  He was signing shit for people in a Hawaiian print shirt that was so loud I’m surprised he wasn’t arrested.  We were too nervous to get in line and talk to him, so we stood behind him kinda and just stared.

Also, a brief note for those who live in Seattle or thereabouts:  It’s not new new, but there’s a playing area/game shop over in the U District I haven’t been to yet called Cardhaus Games.  It’s on 4701 Roosevelt Way NE, and with this Warhammer 40k CCG addiction I’m trying to develop I’ll probably be spending some time there.


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