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Gabe / on Mon, May 6 2002 at 9:12 am

Even Toontown isn’t safe

As Tycho mentioned our Import Gaming 101 feature is now online. Please keep sending me your import gaming questions. I have already spoken to Travis about it and he would be happy to continue answering your questions in this manner. If you do decide to try importing games you should defiantly do it through his shop, I have dealt with them on quite a few occasions now and they certainly get the Penny Arcade seal of approval.

Some of you might remember the MMORPG from Disney called Toontown. Well it’s back. Kara is hooked on it again which isn’t surprising given her affinity for all things Disney. She had left to do something yesterday and her character went into sleep mode. I happened to look over from my computer to see a rabbit pushing her character into the combat area of the game in an effort to kill her. I went over and woke up her character and the rabbit ran off. This is amazing to me. Even in Mickey’s Toontown people have to try and fuck with your game. I see characters walking around in Donald’s dock with their clan tags or stupid Jeff K. shit in their name. It makes me think that maybe this whole internet thing wasn’t such a good idea.

Congratulations to Lowtax on getting hitched. Our little Lowtax is all grown up now I guess. Why, it seems like just yesterday he was working for eFront and now here he is taking the leap into married life. I’ll admit when I met him at E3 last year I thought to myself “Here is a kid who will never know the touch of a woman.” He proved me wrong though and I couldn’t be happier. Well unless he fell down a well full of sewage and hungry raccoons or something. Then I’d be happier, but hardly anyone ever falls down wells anymore what with all the goddamned “safety precautions”.  So the chances of that happening are probably pretty slim. Oh well.

-Gabe out.

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