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Tycho / on Wed, May 15 2002 at 6:30 am


I knew I was forgetting something.

People who paid Club PA dues this month - probably to get their hands on our emasculating first strip, some things are unreleased for a reason - made a pretty good decision.  We’ll have an extra E3 sketch in the kitty for those who signed on.  Also, I commissioned some art from Scott Thigpen over at Demise for next month’s gift, which I’m really looking forward to.  Of course, we’ll have our own offerings come June - an exclusive strip, perhaps? - so, dig around in the couch.  Our patented alcomical techniques will transform your common dollars into pure gold.

Going to see Attack of the Clones tonight, at 12:01am.  People keep offering me an .avi of the film, but I keep turning them down, and not because I think Piracy is bad.  Piracy is okay with me, actually - it’s the talking birds that I find unsettling. 

We’ve been proud to have John Scalzi’s book featured on the site for the last week - if you haven’t gone and grabbed it, it could not possibly hurt you to do so.  His stuff is coming down off of PA today, I just wanted to thank him for giving us a shot.  Also, I wanted to apologize for using his last name as an adjective that means “given to extemporaneous adventure.”

I just got a mail from a man regarding my comments on the PS2’s Online presence, asking why that’s important at all, and whether or not they really need a “strategy” as such to begin with.  Let’s get something straight, that’s not my comment.  That’s information given to me, devoid of editorial.  And, is it important?  Well, they seem to think it is.  I’m going to call that a “good indicator.”


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