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anon / on Fri, May 31 2002 at 9:56 am

displaying the scars where my hands were tied


After my fun-filled week at E3 Kara and I are back and ready to start answering the same questions OVER and OVER and OVER again while still trying to be creative about it in a new edition of Love & Hate!  P.S.  before you all start in on my avatar picture, just know that if Brenna can get a haircut, I can take off the stupid mask so you’ll all shut up about the missing Star of David.


Question for you: How would you feel about Love & Hate being a sort of interactive live shoutcast thing?  Typing is hard and I’ve learned that I can’t talk as fast as I normally do because it just becomes a garbled, hyperactive mess on Game Voice so chances are everything would sound pretty good.  Click my name thing and tell me what you think.  THANKS.

from martyr to sinner in record time

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