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anon / on Wed, Jun 19 2002 at 1:01 pm

What’s that you say?

What’s that, copy of Dropship: United Peace Force for PS2?  You want me to return you to the store after playing only 2 levels because you’re a horrible piece of crap?  OKAY!  You’re the boss!

But wait a minute, didn’t you get me really excited at the 2001 E3 show?  You did?  What went wrong?  Why did you have to turn out so badly?  What’s that?  It’s because your control and cheap enemy AI both suck ass?  Gosh, I suppose you’re right.  All well, thanks for taking an hour of my life away from me.  Huh?  Return you for a copy of Neverwinter?  But, I don’t really care for RPG games like that.  OHHH, You’re right!  I suppose I could get it with the sole intention of driving Monkey and Tycho crazy!  WORKS FOR ME!  Thanks, copy of Dropship: United Peace Force for PS2!  YOU’RE MY BEST FRIEND!!!

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