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Gabe / on Fri, Jul 12 2002 at 11:28 am

Necrowombicon 2002 update.

More news on the next Necrowombicon straight from Fatrick himself:

I am now accepting registration for people to run games.
there are 4 slots for running games

9am-12pm 12pm-4pm 4pm-8pm 8pm-12am

those are the available slots for running/playing games e-mail me at about the games you want to run. with the slot, your name, the game you’re playing, the slot you want to run it in, and how many people you want to play in your game.

so, if you want to organize a game of D&D, you pick a slot and you send me a mail saying: Joe Bob, D&D 3rd edition, 9am-12pm, 6 people

that’s all I need to know once that’s all set up , then I’ll post a page with all the games that are available and people will be able to book the slots for them

then you send me e-mail to register them in much the same way.

send me a mail with the slot your game is in, the name of the game, and the person running the game.

ie: Jane Doe, D&D 3rd with Joe Bob, 9am-12pm

then I’ll stick you into ‘THE GAMES LIST’ and we’re off to the races.

LAN games and Video games are exempt from this registration, unless say you want to run a tournament of some kind. If so, set up a registration mail much the same way, and I’ll get that all posted. Keep in mind, we only have 2 TV’s for the Convention hall, so we might not be able to have a ‘Halo’ tournament, and a Super Smash Brothers tournament, and a Gran Turismo 3 tournament, all at the same time.

any questions can be directed to for clairification or go to the forum on the PACult page: also, check out the official page at:

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