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Gabe / on Mon, Jul 22 2002 at 10:41 am


I don’t really have much to say regarding the whole M$ thing that isn’t already covered in the comic strip. I should tell you that if you want to talk to someone about that kind of shit, I am really not your man. I honestly don’t care. I am sure it’s bad and all but I don’t worry about stuff like that because I don’t really care about computers that much. The other day Tycho tried to tell me about my digital rights and how something bad is going to happen to them or whatever, but it was really boring so I started thinking about Mario Sunshine.

Thanks to my friends Andrew and Briggs I finally got my Neo-Geo Hyper 64 working.  Well that isn’t entirely true. I didn’t get “mine” working because as it turns out the board I purchased off of EBay was designed to play racing games. This was no good to me since all I wanted to do was play fighting games. Briggs hooked me up with the correct board though as well as Samurai Spirits II: Warriors Rage, which is a 3D Samurai Showdown game. Being as I have an undying love for all things SNK I am able to overlook some of the games shortcomings and I really enjoy playing it. After spending some time with it though, it’s easy to see why the Hyper 64 failed. Warriors Rage is nice but it came out in 1998 which means it was up against Tekken 3 and Virtua Fighter 4. From graphics to gameplay Warriors Rage can’t go toe to toe with either of those titles. It’s unfortunate that SNK was in a position were they could not afford to keep supporting the failing system. I am sure that given enough time and money they would have been able to deliver a 3D fighting experience on par with anything Namco or Sega was offering. However their initial attempts were so poorly received that they had no choice but to drop the idea entirely. If nothing else the handful of 3D games released for the system serve as proof of concept. Perhaps the new SNK will see the opportunity that next generation hardware offers, to breathe new life into some of their classic properties.

The poster is still a hot topic in my inbox.

Important poster information:

- The poster measures 24” by 17”

- The price is $15.00

- We will be available all day every day during the con to sign posters.

-If we have posters left over after the San Diego Comic-Con we will take them to the Necrowombicon.

-We plan to print additional copies of this poster at some point to have available via the website. However these posters will not be signed.

-Gabe out

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