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anon / on Mon, Jul 29 2002 at 8:07 am

Don’t I Know It

I wish I knew why we were driving down there.  I was all like “Cool, let’s fly down there!” and they were all like “No, we’re driving and it’s really long and boring and you have to drive, Monkey” and I was like “But I’d have to get 800 AMERICAN DOLLARS worth of repairs to make that drive and I don’t even have a job!” and Batjew was like “Now your car repairs have made us get a late start!” and I was like “But I’m totally broke now!” and then Gabe was like “We’re taking a seperate car, and I bought a screen for my GameCube, and we’re playing Super Mario Sunshine the entire way, and YOU CAN’T HAVE ANY!!!!” and then this morning I stubbed my toe and the kitty outside that’s usually nice hissed at me and ran away.

Now that I think about it… after the cost of gas for 2 cars, and hotels, and the books-on-cd we bought, and the fucking LCD screen for the GameCube…. wouldn’t it have been cheaper to fly?

(CW)Safety Monkey

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