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anon / on Fri, Aug 2 2002 at 2:00 am

So Tired, It’s Funny (But I’m Not)

Good morning, folks!  I haven’t read Tycho’s newspost yet, but somehow I doubt he remembered to remind you all that we’re still at the Gameskins booth, which is booths 20-21.  Penny Arcade isn’t listed in any of the guides, just look for Gameskins… it’s on one of the far walls, near the food court.

I’d like to thank the thousand or so of you who wrote in with tips for making a long drive more bearable.  NO THANKS to people who advised me to sleep (I was driving), drink alcohol or consume drugs, masturbate, or to those of you who kept sending me mail LONG AFTER I indicated we were leaving.  I’m still receiving tips, even now that I’m in San Diego.  I did end up burning some CD’s worth of Bill Cosby, Eddie Izzard, Lewis Black, and I’ve even got the BBC version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, thanks to an astute and generous reader (Sorry, I lost your email in the cluster, and hence your name… but you know who you are, and I thank you.)  The drive itself didn’t turn out to be too bad… I guess my mind just kind of realized that the distance I had to travel was too great for me to even comprehend, and it kind of relaxed after that.  Truth be told, I barely even remember the drive down.

The ‘Con experience thus far can be largely be described as Exhausting, which I find to be a bit odd considering we spent all of today sitting on our asses at the aforementioned booth, signing posters.  On Tuesday, I thought “Ok, I’m tired because I’ve been driving.”  On Wednesday, I thought “All right, now it’s because I’ve spent the entire day in manual labor, constructing the sleek Gameskins booth from raw materials such as unprocessed steel, iron, and lumber.”  Today, I’ve got nothing, and it’s embarrassing.

Aside from being draining, the Con has been fairly fun.  It’s been nice to meet a bunch of the fans, even though I’m pretty sure the majority of you aren’t even cognizant of who I am.  It’s also been great to people-watch, and as I understand it, the freaks don’t start to REALLY come out of the wall until Saturday, so that should be pretty great as well.  I’ve started coming around to the Batjew school of thought, and tormenting folks has now become my primary source of entertainment.  For example, I like defacing the posters that people buy.  They give us $15, and we pull out a poster, and then I litter their new prize with permanent-marker chicken scratches.  We’ve also discovered that Jew is not above drawing potty stains on Tycho’s crotch, so those of you sitting at home are really missing out on the Penny Arcade Experience (coming to a Vegas casino this fall!).

By the by, thanks to everyone in the forums who had some guy come by the booth today and make us sign 24 posters in a single go.  As soon as I find that thread, I think I’m going to ban all of you.

There hasn’t been a lot of gaming news the last few days that’s really excited me, aside from the apparent collapse of Ziff-Davis.  There’s a new patch out for America’s Army, and I also want to remind you all that Moonbase Commander is coming out in a scant two weeks, so start saving those quarters.

That’s about it.  Hope to see more of you over the next few days… I’m awfully lonely, and in need of the kind of validation that only throngs of total strangers can provide.

(CW)Safety Monkey

P.S.  rstevens is SOOOO hot.  I want to have like a hundred of his babies.

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