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Tycho / on Fri, Aug 2 2002 at 12:01 am

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We have made a new strip available, and, well, what can I say.  We aim to please.

Actually, when I typed that, the strip itself wasn’t done yet.  We’re staying with Kiko (that’s right, Gameskins Kiko) while we’re down at the con, and he’s been kind enough to let us use his computers while we’re here.  I was going to use his OS X box to do my post, but Gabe seemed to express an interest in doing the strip on it so I let it ride.  I’ll probably try to do Monday’s post on there, just to see what it might be like.  Also, Kiko’s machine is pretty hot.  Not only does it sport the dual processors kids crave, he’s got that magnificent 22” studio display that defies my ability to describe it.  It just goes on and on and on, it’s like having a billboard on your desk.  Anyhow, yes.  Always interested in trying new dork things.

Speaking of staying with Kiko, almost everything about it is perfect except for the fact that ants are always crawling over me and biting me when I sleep.  Oh, the rest of my crew here likes to give me shit about it, saying that since they have no bites, how could I have any bites, but I’m not sure how that follows.  The fact of the matter - I’ve come to accept this, now - is that I am delicious to insects, and not just ants.  Every time I’ve gone camping or operated in an outdoor setting, it’s clear that local insect unions have been briefed on my arrival.  Tiny pamphlets circulated on dandelions or whatnot remind them to focus their terrible hungers on my tenderness.     

I was well prepared for Comic Con psychologically by E3, which I might prefer on the whole, but only because the huge-ass companies at the Electronic Entertainment Expo flash a lot more dough in order to impress you.  That illustrates the main difference between something like that and something like this, in that virtually anybody who wants to can probably go to Comic Con - and dammit, they do.  I’ve heard so many fantastic accents and languages just in the day and a half I’ve been here, it’s as though I’m collecting them.  I didn’t expect to be as tired physically as this event makes me.  It’s true that most of our mornings at the con are spent lifting heavy shit, as we’re sort of just hanging out to Kiko’s booth and we want to earn our keep, but if you can tell me why just sitting behind a table and meeting people for a day is exhausting I’d love to hear about it.  I’m still kind of overwhelmed by it, I’ll have more collected thoughts for my next update.  I’m meeting a few of them Keenspot types tomorrow for dinner - Greg Dean, for a start - so, God willing, I’ll have some stories to tell as well.   

Just to make it clear, clear, clear, we’re spending the con almost completely in the GameSkins booth, which takes up exhibitor spaces 20 and 21.  If we do go away for whatever reason, and I’m not saying that’s a for sure thing, we’ll leave you a note saying when we’ll be back.  If you’re stopping by the con, don’t be a stranger.  We do get so lonely

Last thing, I promise, and then I’m going to fall into the sort of deep sleep that is the domain of fairy-tales.  We’ve been very lucky with advertisers again this month, it’s hard to believe how lucky, because they’re companies I would have pimped this month anyway.  Witness Meridian 59 - the classic multiplayer RPG - back from the dead and craving your login.  That would have been a blessing all alone, even without the addition of PopCap Games, a bunch of guys we’ve said no end of good things about.  They’re releasing a few new games on their site this month, the dangerous Schedule One substance Insaniquarium among them.  I’d like to thank both groups for sponsoring Penny Arcade this month, and suggest that you give one or both of them a whirl.  They won’t steer you wrong.

(CW)TB out.

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