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Gabe / on Fri, Sep 20 2002 at 7:16 pm


It’s so cool when people make my point for me:

Shut up and die. The only reason why anyone enjoys consoles (or buys them) is due to the consumption of lead paint as a young child. The propritary systems, the complete lack of onlineness (and o, yes, your bithing about hacking is about as non-relevant as anything Joe Lieberman has ever said) and the utter crappiness of the overly accepted PS2. Good games?  Like what?  Can you name any truly original console games to come out within the last 3 years?

(Name removed to protect the incompetent.)

Truly original console games in the last three years. Let’s see…hmmm…No I guess you’re right I can’t think of a single one. Well, unless you count:

REZ, Shenmu, ICO, Frequency, Pikman, Animal Crossing, Space Channel 5, Tony Hawk, Grand Theft Auto 3, Seaman Jet Set Radio,Soccer Slam, Crazy Taxi, Samba De Amigo Lost Kingdoms, Super Monkey Ball…

Would you like me to keep going?

I wouldn’t go holding up the PC as some kind of paragon of originality my friend. I would need a bachelor’s degree in mathematics just to count the number of games that use the Half Life engine. Shit and half of those would be Half Life games. Let’s see, you’ve got Half Life gold, silver, platinum, I mean fuck they’re running out of metals. “Coming soon Half Life: Aluminum edition!”

Me, I go where the games are.

-Gabe out

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