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Gabe / on Fri, Nov 22 2002 at 2:52 pm

Did I say something?

Seriously, wouldn’t you guys get bored if I wasn’t here to piss you off every now and then;)

A few people have mailed me telling me that whether I like it or not these hackers being banned does affect me. They sent me links to this site which claims that there is a way to change the serial number of your system and get around the Live lockout. People are telling me that since MS is banning these guys they are forced to change their serial numbers and in so doing may inadvertently take my serial number thereby getting my account banned. The jist is that they should just be allowed to connect to Live in the first place. I am sorry but that is bullshit. That is like saying drunk drivers shouldn’t get their cars towed off because then they will just have to steal another car and they may steal yours! Bullshit. What they need to do is suck it up and get a new system or not fuck around with theirs to begin with. You are more than welcome to Mod your Xbox all you want, you paid for it and it’s yours to do with as you please. However, if that’s what you want to do then you should have two machines. It’s that simple. I applaud MS for keeping these kinds of hackers off of Live. If it wasn’t for these restrictions, Live would have the same problems with cheaters and hackers that we see in PC multiplayer games. Sure there are lots of you locked out who have tinkered with your systems or just use them to play imports but have no intention of cheating. That is a risk you took when you cracked the case on your machine though. Like I said suck it up and buy a regular one to use on Live and keep the other around to play with. Don’t tell me it’s to expensive either, you dug this hole yourslef. I’m not having any problems at all with MY Xbox.

-Gabe out

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