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Gabe / on Mon, Dec 16 2002 at 10:31 am

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Yes it’s true that we played a shit ton of Halo last night. It was my first opportunity to check out the multi with that many people and it was damn cool. Before you go sending me mail about how glad you are that I like Halo now or whatever let me point out that I still think the single player game should have only been six hours. I don’t blame the guys at Bungie for this though. I am sure someone at MS told them their kick ass six hour game had to be twenty hours long and with a deadline fast approaching all they could do was cut and paste the same levels over and over again and then make you play through the entire thing again backwards.  I will agree with Tycho that last night’s gaming made me a lot more interested in Halo 2 then I originally was.

I finished the sketch for the Samus drawing that will be this month’s club PA gift. I figured I would go ahead and post the sketch here. Now take a deep breath all you Nintendo fanboys because my take on the character is a tiny bit different. This is just how I imagine her. Check out the sketch right here. Remember if you want to get the final colored version in the form of a desktop wallpaper you will need to join Club PA this month. Oh, and yes that sketch was done on the tablet PC using Alias Sketchbook. I am getting so used to sketching into the tablet that when I went to use paper the other day, it actually felt weird. How fucked up is that?

-Gabe out

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