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Gabe / on Mon, Dec 30 2002 at 2:04 pm

Home again home again

Well I am back from my vacation and it feels damn good to be home. I am desperately trying to get caught up on all the game news I missed and answer all the e-mail I have here.

I am still recovering from my trip so I honestly don’t have much to talk about. I did want to mention that the forum will be down for a while. In the meantime you can check out the temporary ezboard forum located here. Like most things in life a few people ruined it for everyone else. I am sick of deleting pictures of girls eating poop and posts about Hitler. In my opinion the Forum is more trouble than it’s worth. Like I said, feel free to enjoy the ezboard forum for the time being. We have nothing to do with it though so please don’t complain to me about how it’s run. The official forums may come back eventually although I can’t really say when. The Members forum is still available so those of you who have donated to club PA in the past can still access that.

Speaking of Club PA, if you donated in December but did not get your Samus Aran wallpaper please send me a mail. If you could put something like “club gift” or whatever in the subject that would help me out a lot. 

Is it just me or does the new 1.5 patch for the Army game totally fuck up its stability? All of a sudden I am crashing out of games left and right. Is anyone else having issues with the new version?

-Gabe out

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