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Gabe / on Wed, Jan 8 2003 at 10:19 am


I got a lot of really good responses to my idea for an official Penny Arcade Guilty Gear XX tourney here in the Seattle area. At first I thought it would just be a local thing but some of you have emailed saying you are willing to make the trip from as far away as Southern California. It seems to me like this could be a shit hot event if we can pull it off. Once I have more info like when and where it will be I will create a special website just for the tourney. I am also going to try and get in touch with the guys over at and see if they can offer some advice since they have a lot of experience setting up these kinds of events.

VGD is taking pre-orders for the Japanese version of the GBA SP already. I know that with the current GBA there is no problem with playing US games on a Japanese system or vice versa. Assuming that is still the case with the new SP model there is no reason to wait until fucking March or whatever to get one. They drop next month in Japan and I for one will be nabbing one as soon as I can.

I knew I would get a lot of mail about today’s comic strip but I didn’t think it would 100% positive. There are usually a few people who hate any kind of change I make and feel the need to tell me about it. However my mail today has been nothing but compliments. I would just like to thank everyone who mailed me to tell me that they enjoyed the new look. I can’t say for certain if you will see anymore comic strips done in this style. I only used it here because the comic didn’t contain Gabe or Tycho. I can say that the next page of Over Easy that goes out this month to club PA members will certainly use this style. I think it’s perfect for OE as it will lend a rough, gritty sort of feel to the book that I think it really needs.

-Gabe out

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