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Tycho / on Mon, Jan 27 2003 at 5:55 pm


Very often, names or corruptions of names make it into the lexicon.

For example, Chokie Roberts has proven particularly enduring, and as more games enable the player to strangle opponents - in effect, to “Put the Chokie Roberts On Them,” or “Give Them A Little Chokie Roberts” - it seems as though this term will live out its days with few intermissions of usage.  The lingo made its debut with WCW Nitro for the N64, and recently saw an extraordinary resurgence with the release of Ubi Soft’s Splinter Cell.  It is a corruption of Cokie Roberts, one time NPR correspondent, and all the time idiot.

This is far from the only example, of course.  Tribes 2 was a highly productive game in terms of slang, giving rise to classics such as Jumpy McHopsalot, which is not a form (“X McXs-alot”) unique to Tribes by any means.  Gabriel’s insistence on the energy-sapping ELF gun earned him the nickname “Silkk The Shocker,” as in the younger brother of Master P, who - like Ludacris - represents the dirty south side.  The ELF gun also gave rise to the term “Fish On” during Team Aerial Combat 2 matches, as the victors would fire their arcing beams at helpless, falling opponents.

Lisa Bonet has also proved surprisingly resilient, though understanding the term requires something in the way of mental gymnastics.  One is said to be Lisa Bonet if they are completely fucked beyond any attempt to resolve the issue.  This is not a comment on Cosby Show star Lisa Bonet, rather, it is a very free conversion of “Bonet,” to the past tense of the French verb “Boner,” meaning literally “To Bone.”  This word does not actually exist.  One is said to be Ender Wiggin if they are not keeping their cool, i.e., “Wigging.”

Every gaming group, by necessity, coins terms to describe the places in each map that must be defended, attacked, and so forth.  The “Bridge” map in Medal of Honor has a church - called “the Church” - very near the Axis spawn point, far from the Bridge they must destroy to win the round.  However, as often as not, shy, tired, or perhaps simply lazy Nazis would simply wait at their spawn point in easily defensible positions while overeager Allied troops fell into the trap.  To say that “They Can’t Plant From The Church” has a specific meaning in this map, namely, “Be patient.”  They can’t win by waiting back there, and we gain nothing by attacking their position.  Since this game has fallen out of favor with the group, “Planting” and even “The Church” have become metaphorical terms.  They are now applicable - and, indeed, applied - to any situation where an opposing force must actively commit to an objective in enemy territory.


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