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Gabe / on Mon, Jan 27 2003 at 7:30 pm

PA stuff!

I mentioned a little while ago that we were going to finally kick the Penny Arcade merchandising machine into high gear and I have a bit more information on that for you. One of the things we always felt bad about is that we never have shirts and stuff in stock. We just suck when it comes to doing that sort of thing. People always asked us to use Café Press but their products are cheap ass. When we decided to make shirts we wanted them to be really nice shirts. That is why we went with Gameskins. Same thing with the poster we sold at last years Comic-Con. It was the kind of large high quality poster that you just don’t get when you go with Café Press. So what we did is get our shit together and with the help of someone who went to college (Unlike us) we put together a plan for a Penny Arcade e-store or i-store…it’s like a store but it’s on the web, it’s a web store I guess, for the e-generation.

Anyway, this new i-store is scheduled to open its e-doors in about a month. The plan is to kick things off with some fresh shirt designs and some cool new posters. Eventually we’d like to see stuff like Mouse pads and umbrellas but we’re starting small. What we would like to know is what you want to see in this store. After all you will be the ones spending your hard earned cizash there.  So I need you guys to help us out with the kind of numbers we are gonna have to order as well as the designs. That means I need some clicking out of you.

New Shirt Ideas.


I just wanted to clarify. The t-shirts will not simply have these comic strips printed on them. The links to the strips is just to remind you about the characters. The Div Shirt For instance will have a small div on the front with the words “Zero to drunk in twenty dollars” on the back along with his famous martini glass.

Please give a clickeroo on the ones you would most like to see made into shirts.

Div-Zero to drunk in twenty dollars

The Card Board Tube Samurai

The Fruit Fucker- Drink my juice it’s fucking nutritious

Over Easy

The Period-Your friend at the end

I am sure eventually they will all get made into shirts but we will probably only be able to start off with two or three designs.

The posters I am already working on actually. The store should open with a Cardboard Tube Samurai Poster based on the wallpaper I did a while ago. An Over Easy poster done up like a movie poster and then finally the poster we sold at Comic-Con that has the whole crew on it.

If you have any ideas for what you would like to see in the store please send them to Brad at this address.

-Gabe out

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