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Tycho / on Fri, Feb 7 2003 at 6:30 am

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Kakuto Chojin Is Satan’s Child

We have completed a strip that about the Kakuto Chojin recall, but it isn’t just about that, it is about the will of Satan taking physical form on Earth.

A review copy of Kakuto Chojin arrived at my house a couple months ago, and you will note that I did not give it a moment’s attention on the site.  In retrospect, a little Ad Council-type Public Service Announcement shit might have done you good, but please believe that I had reasons for not going that route.  I’ve linked to terrible things in the past - like the Daytona Song or Brittney Cleary’s “IM Me” - and you have rushed off to get them even against my most dire assertions.  I couldn’t run the risk that your curiosity would destroy you, like a kitten caught in an engine.

The Kakuto Chojin that came for review included a First Aid kit, which I thought was a cute tchotchke until I loaded it up.  Almost as if on cue my blood revolted and began to rout, charging out of my body in rivers from every possible vector.  I know that DreamFactory made Ehrgeiz and Tobal, apparently they can also make toxic nerve agents.

When we saw that Microsoft had pulled the game from the US and Japan, we felt relief.  It was as though the toiling heroes had averted the global spread of a deadly virus.  I guess it has religious statements in there somewhere, about something, but the only statement I came away with was a cautionary tale about publishers trying to buy legitimacy in foreign territories.  I’ve been saying things religious people have found very offensive for the better part of a decade, so I’m probably not the best judge. 

I wonder, will I see you this weekend at the comic thing?  Maybe I will.

Our scripter Ramius had good things to say about American Conquest, which made me happy.  What we’ve been doing more and more here is approaching groups that are doing things we think are cool, and seeing if they want to advertise them on the site.  It’s worked pretty well so far, because I can speak without reservation when I say that American Conquest is worth your time.  Also, they’re apparently trying to stir up contention about my nation’s origin with their War of Conquest tournament, a US vs. UK battle royale.  The game itself ships today, as I understand it.   

(CW)TB out.

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