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Gabe / on Fri, Feb 7 2003 at 10:53 am

Thursday night Halo

Thursday night Halo continues to be a weekly event for team Penny Arcade. There’s usually around thirty or so people there every Thursday. Among that group there is a team of gentlemen who I believe are ranked somewhere around third in the state. These guys are absolute monsters at this game and playing against them is what the French call “a fucking bitch”. Often times team Penny Arcade is broken in half, a few of us placed with each team as a sort of handicap or anchor. In fact, boxes with PA players on them are referred to as bricks.

Last week these Halo gods we play with were the recipients of some pretty serious trash talk. It seems that another local group of Halo players having heard about the Thursday night Halo crew issued a challenge. After much boasting and bragging on their part their challenge was accepted and last night the showdown took place.

Like lambs to the slaughter they showed up last night with their boxes and gear. A team composed of the best players our crew had to offer took them on in a huge eight on eight battle royal. Team Penny Arcade sat quietly in the back of the room and drank chocolate milk while providing moral support. The Thursday night Halo crew came out victorious in each and every game played that night. After being defeated over and over again it was decided that they should play team PA. No one expected us to win but by God that is exactly what we did. In an 8 on 8 Blood Gulch CTF game Safety Monkey, Batjew and the rest of their box proved themselves to be true lords of the Jeep. The box I played on meanwhile provided a force field like defensive perimeter that the enemy team was unable to break through.

Upon losing yet again, this time to the Special Olympic PA Halo team the new comers packed up their gear and headed home. We spoke to them a little before they took off and they all seemed like a real nice bunch of guys. We extended the offer to play again anytime and I think they may just take us up on it. I think they may have learned a valuable lesson though about talking shit to people you have never met. Which reminds me, I am the greatest MechAssault player who has ever lived and I can beat any of you with one hand tied behind my back.

-Gabe out

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