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Gabe / on Fri, Mar 14 2003 at 12:10 pm

MTV True Life

I just watched the MTV special on gamers and I thought it was really cool. Although I would have to say that Graig (is that how he spells his name?) the Golden Tee golf guy and the Pac Man dude were in the wrong show as they are most definitely not gamers.

The Order of Light guys all seem really cool. It’s funny how much alike we all are. I really started to notice it when we began going to Cons. I mean I can look at the Order of Light guys and see three or four of my own friends in there. The way they all dress, talk, act, their sleeping and eating habits everything. They are exactly like every other bunch of gamers I have had the opportunity to meet. I feel like I could walk into their apartment and immediately feel at home. Their place kicked ass, cables running everywhere, televisions up on boxes King of Fighters posters on the wall. I just fucking love dorks.

The Fatal1ty guy seems cool too. He obviously has some skills. It was nice that MTV treated the tourney so seriously. It would have been really easy to make that whole scene come off as dorky but they really treated it fairly. The shot at the end with Fatal1ty surrounded by girls was fucking great.

Graig is a fucking dip shit. The guy should have been on “True Life: I have a fucking gambling problem and I probably hit my girlfriend when the cameras aren’t on”. I mean he’s a fucking booze hound who spends all his time in bars trying to win twenty bucks off his other white trash booze hound friends. I can’t understand why the fuck that girl is still with him. The shot of her with her head on the table in the bar at like 4 am while he’s cussing at the Golden Tee machine and taking pulls off an MGD was fucking priceless.

That Pac Man guy has got some fucking issues. He talked about his perfect game of Pac Man like he had walked on water. Someone needs to tell him that it’s not 1985 anymore and no one cares how good he is at Space Invaders. Oh and what’s with the fucking mullet?

-Gabe out

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