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Tycho / on Wed, Mar 19 2003 at 10:38 am


After an initial ratings boost from IGN, the remainder of the reviewing world has had a much more guarded appraisal of Master of Orion 3.  This is about what I expected, and I don’t blame a person for not taking a shine to it.  The game is extremely dense, and it’s not for everyone - maybe it isn’t for anyone but me.

On the other hand, there are people who still want very much to manage a Star Empire, but don’t want to by managed by them.  Have you heard of Galactic Civilizations?

Stardock, the company behind “Object Desktop” and”WindowBlinds,” is revamping their OS/2 empire sim for today’s gamers, offering it online as well as at retail, and vowing a year of substantial upgrades and support.   

Not having played it, I can only tell you I like what I’ve read.  There’s a philosophy behind it that I find myself intrigued by.  I can typically do without the products of the interview circuit, but I find myself drawn to the way they’re doing things.


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