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Gabe / on Mon, Apr 14 2003 at 11:50 pm

From the mailbag.

Another great mail from a reader:

What I found most tiresome is that re-interpreting Alice/Looking Glass has
already been done fifty gajillion times by artists low on creative juices.
The phrase “a surreal interpretation of Lewis Carrol’s…” should be
banned from our creative lexicon.  It’s sad that rarely do these takes on
Alice pick up on the interesting aspects of the book (the satire of
British high manners, politics, and academia; the wordplay and clever
jokes).  Jeff Noon’s _Automated Alice_ may be the only take that comes
close to respecting or cleverly adding anything to the mythos.

I’m happy that Oz at least provides a *new* universe to plunder, but your
comic pretty accurately reveals McGee as a possible one-trick pony.  It’s
all fun and games until we get American McGee’s Chronicles Of Narnia.



-Gabe out

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