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Gabe / on Fri, May 9 2003 at 9:30 pm

Go Namco!

Also from Namco

Extreme lesbian Ninja hot oil wrestlers, scheduled for the PlayStation 2 and Microsoft XBox in Q4 2003, is an adrenaline-charged adventure game. These are ultra-mega-super-cool ninja lesbian wrestlers with major attitudes and big breasts who love extreme sports almost as much as they love other super hot lesbian ninja wrestlers. It’s kung-fu meets Tony Hawk meets an inflatable swimming pool full of hot lesbian wrestlers, These ladies are consummate warriors and love makers who have spent years mastering their weapons and honing their tight bodies. In true gravity defying game play, these oiled up lesbian ninja wrestlers can scale buildings, “shred” on extreme rails, fly around, Shoot lasers and shit, Blow stuff up, Run around like they were in the fucking Matrix or some shit. Tear each others clothes off, ride drifting roller spheres and utilize specialized manga-style super anime-power ninja moves to navigate through each dynamic environment.

-Gabe out

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