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Gabe / on Fri, May 9 2003 at 11:30 pm


Evil Avatar just posted a little comment about PlanetSide that I thought was interesting.

I’m still interested in seeing how the pricing pans out, but at this point I’m leaning toward being willing to pay the $12.95 a month (If that is the price.) and just living with knowing that I’m getting a LOT of gameplay out of my thirteen bucks a month.

The price is not going to “pan out” to anything other than thirteen bucks. Sony never had any intention of making it cost any less. If you read the comments  along with that article it looks like Sony is gonna have a hard time getting gamers to swallow thirteen bucks a month for an FPS. I’m willing to lay out that kind of cash for a game like Galaxies but that’s because I will really be investing in my character. In fact I’d wager that’s the reason most people pay money for these kinds of games. You become attached to your character or characters and you get addicted to leveling them up and shit, “another month and I can get the golden armor of Lord Kabu-Kabu!” That kind of feeling is not really there with Planetside. Maybe some people will pay that much at least until Half Life 2 and Doom 3 come out but I don’t honestly see this one panning out for Sony in the long run. Not the way Everquest did or Galaxies will at any rate.

The funny thing is that most people agree the game is fantastic, just not thirteen bucks a month fantastic. I bet if Sony charged four or five bucks they’d have significantly more takers.

-Gabe out

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