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Tycho / on Fri, May 23 2003 at 1:19 pm

It’s Not Their Fault

You know how when we killed Jesus, he asked God to forgive us because we just didn’t know any better?  You need to show that brand of divine benevolence to these animals who mar gaming with their ignorance, with their sloth, and with their ineptitude.

So, they gave a game most people won’t play a bad score.  Why is that?  Well, you need to understand that “genres” are like deep grooves worn into a solid oak bar.  Think of Publishers as barmen, sliding beverage after beverage along those known channels, and the press are like the pretty maids that wait ready to receive them.  These sweet things are batting their eyes at the barmen constantly - understand, that’s how they got the job in the first place - and they’re ready to ferry the drinks out to you and me, just so long as they arrive along the expected trajectories. 

But sometimes something comes out that, gol durnit, just don’t run right on the tracks.  Maybe it slides right between two channels, maybe it’s not even on what you might call the bar, per se.  There’s no-one there to catch it, it just hits the lip and flings into the void.  And none of them care, because, why should they?  They have plenty to do already with just the games that fit the standard scheme.  They certainly don’t have time for some sort of Gaming Activism, finding and exposing games people might not have seen or heard of.  Gaming journalism today isn’t about journalism, assuming that it ever was.  It’s about people who don’t give a fuck reciting hip scripts from Industry one-sheets, hitting all the right notes until the next crate of games arrives.  I’m surprised that you’re surprised.     


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