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Tycho / on Wed, May 28 2003 at 3:14 pm

Wrath Unleashed

You might recall my enthusiasm regarding this game, drawing parallels between it and what the early screens seemed to represent - a sort of modern day Archon.  As it turns out, that’s not far from the mark - I received a mail from the developer regarding my comparisons, assuring me that they were all big fans of that classic game.  How is it different?  Well, let’s see.

For starters, instead of Dark and Light you have four armies aligned with elements, made of individual creatures of varying ability.  While creatures fought in Archon, it was most certainly not a Fighting Game as modern players would define the genre.  You each had a guy and you would go at it in arenas af varying complexity.  This is contrasted with Wrath Unleashed, whose combat portion is virtually indistinguishable from other fighting games.  That can be good or bad, I suppose - lately I’ve played fighters of such craft and sophistication that I’ve become almost gourmet in my expectations of the genre.  What’s more, with fully four potential players I might have liked to see brawler-style gameplay - more along the lines of War of the Monsters where all players could do battle.  Hmm.       

There is a great preview of the game at The International House of Mojo, which I had not heard of prior to the feature.  That there’s a hell of a site.  I quickly added it to my bookmarks.


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