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Gabe / on Fri, Jun 6 2003 at 3:00 am

It’s still just me.

Here is the new comic, enjoy.

Those of you unfamiliar with the star of this week’s sudden and unexpected continuity would do well to check out these comics from the archive. The Fruit Fucker or Fruit Friend as he is called when children are present has always been one of our favorite characters here at the arcade. I’m glad he is finally getting his moment in the spotlight as it were.

I got a lot of mail from people who read my post yesterday in which I went into detail about my own neurosis. It appears many of you share this same defect. Some of you went on to say that my writing about my problem made you feel like you could take the steps necessary to overcome your own phobias. That’s just about the nicest thing I’ve ever read in an email. Thanks.

So the store is still not working properly but we have narrowed down the problem at least. It’s not a bandwidth problem or at least not directly. Part of the store software we are using does not appear to operate well under load and it just sort of explodes. We will be contacting the company responsible for the software tomorrow and trying to get it resolved. If it’s not one thing it’s another, right?

You know how sometimes you go over to a friend’s house and there is some other guy there who is a friend of your friend but you don’t really know him. Then your friend has to go do something and you are left alone with this guy you only kinda know. You go through all the basic chit chat shit and then you just sort of sit there and stare at each other waiting for your friend to get back. I sort of feel like that right now. It’s like Tycho had to go do something and now you and I are sitting in his basement with nothing to say to each other.

Yeah, so…I um…I’m reading a new book. Yeah, it’s called the THE DA VINCI CODE. What’s that you say? Is it good? Oh I don’t know, I just started it.


So…Do you know when Tycho is getting back?

-Gabe out

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