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Gabe / on Wed, Jul 2 2003 at 9:52 pm

Original Art Auction!

The last time I sold original artwork on Ebay was probably two and a half or three years ago. I don’t sell original artwork for two reasons. One, I hate to part with my drawings. I like packing them away in boxes and stuffing them in the closet. In fact, I still have drawings I did in the fifth grade. The second reason I don’t sell art is because I am embarrassed. I remember about a year ago I saw a drawing by Prio fetch some un-Godly sum of money and I thought “well that’s it, you can never auction off a drawing again.”

They say necessity is the mother of making you sell your shit. Well some people say that…okay, I just said that. It’s the truth though. Penny Arcade is going to the San Diego Comic-con this month and we need some green to grease the travel wheels. So I have decided to auction off an original drawing of the entire PA crew.

If this sort of thing interests you at all I highly encourage you to bid as the next auction probably won’t be for a long time. It’s a pencil drawing on bristol board and I’ll be happy to sign it to whoever the lucky winner is. I’ll also stick it in an envelope and mail it to wherever you live along with a cool Penny Arcade sticker.

We will talk more about the Comic-con later I’m sure. Essentially we will be there with a huge booth full of shirts and posters so come see us.

-Gabe out

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