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Gabe / on Fri, Jul 4 2003 at 8:04 am

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Activision should have started a class action lawsuit against Viacom. Then all of us could have signed on and got some damages from this shit. Something like this maybe?”


1. Plaintiff, on behalf of herself/himself and all others similarly situated, seeks to enjoin the above-named company from their ongoing practice of making shitty Star Trek content. 1 Failure to create compelling Star Trek movies, television shows and books constitutes a breach of contract. In addition, the use of an awesome actor like the one and only Count Bakula in order to get fans to watch an otherwise craptacualr show constitutes a deceptive business practice. Plaintiff brings this Complaint on behalf of a class of similarly-situated dorks and geeks across the country who find themselves paying good money to sit through all the Star Trek crap Viacom has been shitting out recently . In support of her/his Complaint, Plaintiff states as follows:



2. Plaintiff is a geek or dork.

3. Defendant Viacom is an evil Corporation with a principal place of business in a hollowed out moon orbiting the earth and bristling with powerful weaponry, as well as Colorado. Viacom owns and operates, or otherwise controls through a network of subsidiaries, the Star Trek franchise or what is left of it.

4. Viacom is an adequate defendant class representative because, they have a fuck ton of money and they have totally boned Star Trek. In addition, Viacom is motivated to vigorously defend this action given its joint and several, if not ultimate, liability for the acts complained of herein.

-Gabe out

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