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Gabe / on Fri, Jul 4 2003 at 8:24 am


Well my art auction that I mentioned yesterday is still going on for a few more days. I really appreciate those of you bidding exorbitant amounts of money but I want to make sure you understand that if you win the auction, that number you bid represents the amount of real money you will need to pay me. Honestly though I am flattered that so many of you find my work so desirable. Maybe if I wasn’t such a pack rat you’d see auctions like this more often than once ever couple of years.

As I said in the last post the money earned from the auction is going to help pay for our travel to the San Diego comic-con this month. The whole PA crew will be attending this year, including all the wives. We have a very large corner booth this year in an awesome location. We are booth number 3147. We will be there for every single day of the con signing stuff and selling shirts and posters. We don’t have a signing schedule or anything, we will be there all day every day signing whatever you stick in front of us (so long as it does not burn or bite). We will also be unveiling the new and improved Wang Fu T-shirt down there. San Diego will be your first chance to get your hands on this new design. We will also try and have some of our GBA MOD skins available at our booth. Anyway, it’s gonna be a kick ass con so come out and say hi if you can.

-Gabe out

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