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Tycho / on Wed, Aug 6 2003 at 6:49 am

An Interview

I received an interview request yesterday that I am absentmindedly filling out today.

What do you expect the gaming industry may look like with emerging technologies?  

Well, that is difficult to judge.  People who guess at what the future holds for the medium typically imagine things like “virtual reality goggles” or strange, glove-type interfaces which they imagine would be more “natural.”  In practice, these things actually tend to obfuscate the experience of playing games - either through their tremendous cost or their immaturity technology-wise.  I tend to think of where the games themselves will go, as opposed to the accessories we experience them with - games which help people to communicate with each other or games which effortlessly instruct.  What I am most excited for is the period where people no longer ask questions which have as their subtext “Wow, them vidyagames sure is new.”  I am ready for the next part, where the stigma associated with “games” as somehow insidious or trivial or separate from people’s lives dissolves. 

How would you describe your spiritual journey?

Yeah, it’s kind of a weird interview.


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