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Gabe / on Mon, Sep 1 2003 at 8:39 am


I just thought I would post his comment here since the link to it seems to be getting hammered. It’s interesting that he believes that saying he’s not going to post there anymore is some kind of punishment to the community. He is a PR guy. That’s like the fucker who fills my inbox with Viagra spam telling me he’s sick of my attitude and so he won’t be sending me anymore mails about turning my dick into a monster.

Originally posted by Marweas

Well, I’ll be concluding my participation in this forum with this post. Frankly, the effort put into keeping this miniscule community informed is not worth the aggravation or the time.

I just returned from Leipzig, Germany, where Homeworld 2 was demonstrated at a consumer Games Convention larger than ECTS. The game looked fantastic and people responded to it marvelously. Given that trade shows like ECTS are used to hype upcoming products, not products practically in stores, and given that VUG has about a gazillion games to market (most of which have greater earning potential than HW2) we made the decision to focus on other products at ECTS.

Enjoy the game.

I look forward to hearing more complaints about how Sierra ignores the community. I’m sure accusing instead of asking, and bitching instead of learning will accomplish your goals admirably.

Cheers, and goodbye. – Alex

I have been a fan of Mr. Rodberg’s PR bullshit for a long time. It appears now that he has decided to step down and retire from his role as corporate puppet. I remember the good old days when he would tell us how Tribes: Fast Attack was going to be the ultimate Tribes experience. You can’t get that kind of propaganda from just any PR guy. Alex was something special, and I’ll miss him. It’s a sad sad day indeed. Gamers the world over have lost their best source of corporate lies and misinformation. Who will grease the wheels on the giant hype machine now? What man could possibly fill the tiny tiny Prada shoes of Mr. Rodberg? Only time can give us the answers we so desperately need now. It is important that we help each other through these dark times. Alex may not be coming back to us, but we as gamers must still go on.

-Gabe out

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