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Gabe / on Mon, Sep 22 2003 at 6:30 am


I think Savage is awesome. I have no clue why you would ever play as the humans though. In all the games I’ve played I’ve never seen the humans win a round. They also can’t call down bolts of lightning to destroy their enemies. If I had any complaint about the game I’d say it needs a third race something fierce. Other than that I have no problems at all with it and I’ve been playing it pretty much every night.

As for this guy who played it for two hours and said he didn’t like it, well that doesn’t surprise me at all. The thing to remember here is that this probably isn’t the first time this has happened. This is just the first time someone got caught. I’ve read plenty of reviews before and thought to myself “this guy must have only played for a half an hour tops.” and now I think I was probably right. Even if they do end up firing the guy I’m not too worried about him. He can just get a job at IGN where that sort of reviewing is encouraged. Plus I hear they pay you in McGriddles, Yum!

I’ve gotten a ton of mail from people thanking me for pointing them towards Gamefly. I was at one of our Lanwerx events a few weeks ago and a guy actually came up to me and said “I just wanted to thank you for the way you handle your advertsing.”  That made me feel pretty fucking good. We really do try hard to make sure that the stuff over there on the right or above the comic is actually worth your time. So if renting games without ever leaving your house sounds as good to you as it did to me, give a little clikeroo on that Gamefly ad on the right. You can sign up for a free trial which would help us out and give you a good way to check out the service before you drop any dough on it.

-Gabe out

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