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Gabe / on Wed, Oct 1 2003 at 6:34 am

Thank you

Since Tycho announced that we will be closing down Club PA I thought this would be a good time to thank everyone who helped us out. I remember a couple years back when the advertising market went to shit and websites were folding left and right. Tycho and I had a very long discussion about closing the site down. We decided to give the donation system a try which at that point was essentially untested. The generosity of our readers pulled us through some lean years and I really can’t thank you guys enough for that. The advertising system we have in place now is working well though and I think it’s time to put club PA on hold. I know lots of you would still like the ability to contribute money for the opportunity to get access to special stuff each month and I can appreciate that. A more structured PA fan club sort of thing may get put together after a few months or so if the demand is there.

Like Tycho said, with all the bullshit being tossed around about micropayments you guys just stepped up and made it work. No special technology required. It will probably never be recognized in any history book but it was certainly a first for the internet. I’m sure people will go on hypothesizing about the possibilities of accepting small payments from a website’s readers in exchange for content and it’s practicality as a viable revenue stream. They’ll probably never realize that for a few years one of the largest gaming websites on the internet was run totally off the charity of its readers. Pat yourselves on the fucking backs.

-Gabe out

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