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Gabe / on Wed, Oct 8 2003 at 8:28 am


The Cardboard Showdown website has been update with some pictures of their upcoming Penny Arcade MOD. I gotta say these guys are doing an amazing job. This month’s update shows off some of the character models and they totally blew me away. I told Tycho, this is exactly how I picture the PA universe in 3D. It’s like these sons of bitches are in my head or something because everything they’re doing is exactly how I would want to see it done. I can’t wait for this bad boy to get released.

I was over at EB the other day with Kara. We were hunting for a copy of FF:VIII since we are nearing the end of IX now. Anyway, when I went to the counter to purchase it the guy tried to get me to pre-order Double Dash. Now Mario Kart is a game I am actually pretty excited for so I considered it for a second. “What’s in it for me?” I asked him. I mean at this point if you want me to pre-order something I better get some kind of special wanga-ma-jig or something. So he tells me that the pre-order bonus is a demo disk with Five playable demos: Mario Party 5, F-Zero GX, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars Rogue Squadron III, and Sonic Heroes. Not only that but I wouldn’t get it until the game actually comes out.

Now I love me some Nintendo. I think they are just great, but that sucks. I mean if we were talking about any other system I would get that demo disk for free with a magazine. What they should have done is something similar to what they did with Legend of Zelda:WW. That game ended up being one of the most pre-ordered games ever and it’s because they gave you the N64 version for free with some juiced up features. Well Mario Kart is another perfect opportunity to get some extra mileage out of another N64 title. Blow off the dust, slap it on a GC disk, make it so that if you have a GBA hooked up your copy of Pokemon chartreuse will explode leaving in its ashes a tiny magical unicorn that you can raise as your very own and then call the whole package a collectors edition. I’m telling you the pre-orders would come pouring in.

Speaking of the Gamecube, Tycho and I played the battle mode in Billy Hatcher the other day and Goddamnit that was a blast! It could have been the fact that I totally fucking dominated him with my army of hatched creatures or that I constantly crushed his eggs just before he was able to hatch them. As my hatching of new and exotic creatures became more and more prevalent, I took to ushering in their births in a fairly dramatic way. As my egg would hatch I’d stand up on the couch and with my finger pointed at the screen I’d scream “FUCK YEAH!” as each new animal burst out of its egg. 

Oh and my mail is still broken. If you need to get a hold of me you can still reach me with this address. If you work at or run a theatre in the Seattle area, east side or west side and you can help us out with a special PA screening of House of the Dead could you drop me a line? Also I will be in Spokane this weekend visiting the fam. If people are interested I could drop by one of the comic book shops in town and do some sketches or whatever. Let me know if you are in Spokane or would drive to Spokane and that sounds cool. If there is enough demand I’ll set it up with one of the shops.

-Gabe out

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