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Gabe / on Wed, Nov 5 2003 at 11:15 pm

Our crew is playing Call of Duty now at night and I just had a quick comment about how the search and destroy mode works. It’s fucking lame. So the objective is to go and blow up the German shit, which is cool. The problem is that if the Germans defuse the bomb the game ends and the Germans win. Even if there are allies still alive and time on the clock the game is over and you lose. This is really stupid. If the Germans defuse the charge and I am still alive and kicking I should have the opportunity to plant again or keep kicking ass. I can understand if only one soldier had the ability to plant and he was killed, but everyone on the team can plant explosives. Either way it’s really frustrating and doesn’t make any sense. Our entire crew agrees that they need to at least make it a setting you can turn on or off.

-Gabe out

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